Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 12nd November 2015 by Deb Percy

We were each recommended something in Thanet that we thought tourists should see or do for this week’s warm up session. There were diverse suggestions. The once Christian Church in Union Crescent, Margate, which is being converted to a beautiful Mosque, is worth a visit, as are Pugin’s Grange and Montefiore Mausoleum. One of our members recommends sampling Green Hop Ale that people travel for miles to drink when in the season, grown, picked and brewed locally.

Our three newest members delivered pen portraits. All three spoke about how their upbringings brought them to this point in their lives. We were all particularly fascinated to hear about the contrast between childhood in Kenya compared to living in the UK.

Garry Costain gave a very enlightening evaluation of the impromptu speaking session in which he focused on our first words. We were treated to excellent opening lines that grabbed audience attention so that we wanted to know more. Gary gave examples. Sentimental: “Any place we have family is home.” The provocative: “I don’t believe in evolution.”

When asked what he would say if he met Jeremy Corbyn the speech began with a believe it or not opening: “It could happen.” Ben Harris went on to explain why, the things he’d like to say in his mind contrasting with what it would be like in reality.

The next meeting will be Thursday 26th November at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate. All guests are welcome and the evening is free for visitors to attend. For further details, Thanet Speakers Club is on social media or you can leave a message for Deborah on 01843 607192.