Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 22nd October October 2015 by Deb Percy

We were delighted to welcome new members to our most recent meeting when three people signed up to join us.

The Chair, Bernie Morgan, also welcomed visitors from across Kent to the joint meeting of Speakers Clubs in Ramsgate and engaged us in a warm up session. We were each invited to talk about an item of clothing that we like to wear or wish we could wear. With winter looming most of us thought of warm, comfortable clothes though one lady wanted a made-to-measure strictly-for-salsa dancing dress.

The National President, William Warren presented Bernie with a Certificate of Achievement for her Masterpiece speech delivered at a recent meeting.

Deborah Percy talked about the pros and shortcoming of the best thing about Ramsgate, which she claimed is Waitrose.

The myths and reality surrounding the game of golf was the focus of the second speech of the evening,  with specific reference to women players. Felicity Dunderdale is an enthusiastic player herself,

Evaluations of the two speeches were full of praise. However, improvements in the use of reading from notes were suggested.

After the brief interval, our impromptu speaking session was chaired by a guest from Chaucer Speakers Club, based in Canterbury, Peter Curtis. The theme was musical instruments. It proved to be a gift for some, who knew a lot about the instrument. A lack of readily available knowledge on a topic is no barrier to an entertaining speech, as demonstrated by John Beale and his talk about the Saxophone. He won by a landslide victory in our vote for the best speech in this session.

The next meeting will be Thursday 12nd November at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, Ramsgate. All guests are welcome and the evening is free for visitors to attend. For further details, Thanet Speakers Club is on social media or you can leave a message for Deborah on 01843 607192.