Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 8th October 2015 by Deb Percy

It was another enjoyable evening with eleven people in attendance and a few apologies.

John Beale and Deborah Percy both gave speeches in the first half of the evening. Their assignment was to emphasise the message within the speech by a careful choice of vocabulary and word pictures to add depth and substance to description whilst being memorable and appropriate. From Wales to Ramsgate every day phrases such as ‘new-fangled’ and ‘dropped like a stone’ were among those that created an impression.

After the break, we played a game. Each person was given a real book title and had to guess what they thought the book was about, giving a summary of the plot or a blurb. All but one person described a work of fiction, some of which were extremely far fetched and amusing. The natural history of bats, however, was attributed to The Nightcomers.

At Speakers Club, everything is evaluated to assist the learning process for all present. Some of the pointers of the evening included:

  • Pay attention to time. Eight minutes is considered perfect for a speech at SC.
  • An effective use of discreet notes was described.
  • Rhetorical questions are a useful device to build rapport with the audience. They can be most effective if answered with descriptive language, after a pause. A satisfying conclusion can be returning to points made in the opening.
  • An impromptu speech can be delivered with confidence, no matter how ridiculous its content!
  • The speaker should aim for a decisive end to the speech.

The next meeting will be Thursday 22nd October. All guests are welcome and the evening is free for visitors to attend. For further details, Thanet Speakers Club is on social media or you can leave a message for Deborah on 01843 607192.