Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 24th September 2015 by Deb Percy

Comedy was the unofficial, unplanned theme that ran through this evening.

Will Warren, the National President of Speakers Clubs, attended to act as one of the judges for the masterpiece speech given by Bernie Morgan. She is an experienced member who excels at audience rapport and the use of humour. Needless to say she passed this assignment and held the audience captive with her talk about how the world has changed for children from one generation to the next. We would have liked more!

Ben Harris treated us to an hilarious and passionate impromptu speech after just ten minutes of preparation. It is all about the winning, not the taking part, was the thrust of his argument.

Everyone had ample chance to speak. Our warm up session was on the subject of little things that niggle, we had a quick session on nostalgia, and a topics session on modes of transport. Doug Weale won the Topics Trophy for the night, arguably for stringing together a load of old jokes in a seamless, original way that had us laughing. Proving that it timing is key and it is “the way you tell ’em.”

In the business session, Will  gave a brief overview of the structure of the organisation, its drive for new members and some forthcoming national events.

The next meeting will be Thursday 8th October. All guests are welcome and it is free for visitors to attend. For further details, Thanet Speakers Club is on social media or contact Deborah on 01843 607192.