Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday September 10, 2015, by Deborah Percy

We welcomed six guests to the well-attended first meeting of the season.

The lengthy reign of our Queen had been in the news, so we started with a warm up session in which the chair invited everyone make a brief comment on the defining feature of the current Elizabethan age. A few people mentioned times when they had met the Queen personally.

John Beale and Deborah Percy were awarded Certificates of Achievement for completing some speeches to a high standard. Many speeches are made purely to practice public speaking and for the entertainment of the audience. Some of our speeches are assessed according to criteria set out by the Association of Speakers Clubs, focusing on areas such as voice or gestures. This way we work to a defined programme for improvement.

With business out of the way, all members were invited to give a short pre-prepared speech on the subject of “Holidays.” John Beale focused on accommodation, and it was fascinating to hear about The Snooze Box he stayed in at Edinburgh during the festival. These are mobile hotels that pitch up at major events. They are tiny and basic but perfectly adequate accommodation with no breakfast but a comfortable bed. An ensuite too, in a space the size of which would make cat-swinging impossible.

After the interval, almost everyone took part in the impromptu speaking session, about a random two words. Trevor Kenning has been a member of the Association for many years, so there can be no surprise that his speech on “Wine and Dine” was voted the best of this session. Some of the guests gave impressive speeches on the subjects of “day and night”, knife and fork” and “home and work”.

The next meeting will be Thursday 24th September. All guests are welcome and the evening is free for visitors to attend. For further details, Thanet Speakers Club is on social media or you can leave a message for Deborah on 01843 607192.