Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 9 July 2015, by Deborah Percy

Trevor Kenning chaired the meeting and we began with a warm up session in which all present were invited to say what alternative career path we might choose if we could have our time again.

The group was then treated to two speeches with attention grabbing titles; they were to be assessed in relation to the manual of the Association of Speakers Clubs.

With the appellation “37,00 Heads of Lettuce,” Steve Pamphilon’s recounted how he came to perform in an opera about the Titanic. The way he was tricked into auditioning by a friend (possibly now an ex-friend) was very amusing. The title was his opening line and the first phrase in his audition. As evaluator, Doug Weale delivered a pass for the A4 assignment on the use of gestures.

“The Day I Met Neil Kinnock” was also the day Deborah Percy attended a hearing at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg, nineteen years ago. She gave a personal account of her day in court and mentioned a few cases that the UK government won including that of the naked rambler in 2014. Ben Harris awarded a pass for an A5 speech on the the use of voice.

Bernie Morgan chaired the impromptu Topics Session after the break. This week she chose random lyrics from some of her favourite songs for us to speak about for 3 minutes. They included “I heard it through the grapevine”, “I am woman, hear me roar”,”It’s not about the money”, “when I’m 64” and “wearing the face that she keeps in a jar by the door.”

In his evaluation of this session Ben complimented the creativity of speakers such as Doug, he twisted the Tom Jones lyrics to talk about celebrity behaviour in the pop music world being, unfortunately, entirely usual. Ben stressed the importance of speaking with confidence, of learning from each other and that he’d prefer to hear an interesting longer speech that over run a time limit rather than one abruptly cut short.

In his evaluation of the evening as a whole Ron Sheldrake complimented Ben as a stalwart of the club; despite being the youngest in age, he has years more than five years of experience to draw upon and share.
The next meeting will be Thursday 10th September. The evening is free for visitors to attend. For further details google “Thanet Speakers Club” or you can leave a message for Deborah on 01843 607192.