Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 28 May 2015, by Doug Weale

The Club President conducted the AGM on Thursday 28th May: a new committee reflected our strength and purpose by the election of up and coming newcomers who are prepared to take Office in the continued progress under the guidance of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated, in our pursuit of advancing the skills of speaking in public.

A vote of congratulation and thanks in appreciation of the contribution made to the success of the Club by Trevor Kenning in his dual role of President and Education Director was proposed by Doug Weale, and heartily approved by the assembly;  this duly returning the compliment paid to Doug earlier by Trevor.

There followed a fine example of an impromptu speech by Bernie Morgan; prepared in the  ten minutes allowed, from a choice of three subjects offered by the Education Director ,she chose “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining”; with in depth interpretation of the famous saying; she demonstrated all the skills required in an entertaining delivery earning due complimentary evaluation by Doug Weale.

The customary Topics session followed, chaired by Ben Harris, offering  “topics” on which to speak for two minutes without any preparation or knowledge of the subject. All present were afforded immense satisfaction that our most recently joined member, Chris  Stark , by popular vote was awarded the Topics Trophy for best response.  Dr John Beale gave an entertaining evaluation of the Chairmanship of the session and individual speeches.

Finally the customary general evaluation of the evening as a whole: on this occasion given by Deborah Percy, who in a now recognised enthusiastic and entertaining style of her own, drew attention not merely to the vital educational value, but to the enjoyment afforded by the whole agenda . The focus of her appraisal was the skill of chairmanship of the meeting, in the light of absentees, by the President in reorganising the agenda and his conduct of the AGM. In so doing she personified the enjoyment which she defined.

Deborah will succeed me in the Publicity Office and continue with our endeavour to attract visitors to our meetings, with the aim of increasing membership. Watch this space!