Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 9 April 2015, by Doug Weale

The meeting on Thursday April 9th maintained the customary high standard of the art of speaking in public, as we constantly practise to improve within the aims of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated. 

The meeting was chaired by Trevor Kenning, who, in this vital role, displayed the qualities required to overcome the challenge of a depleted attendance. Following the usual warm- up and business session, a fine speech was given by Dr John Beale as he demonstrated the skill of proper use of notes, as required by the number seven assignment in the ASC guide book. His speech was evaluated by Bernie Morgan, who drew attention to the delivery, customary quality and intelligence of his subject matter; together with points to which he was advised to give attention in his future assignments: this process is the essence of our learning. 

Members were then entertained by an addition to the agenda, thanks to the inspiration of the chairman, as each in turn were invited to give an impromptu speech on the title  chosen for the forthcoming Hopper Cup competition :  ” It’s a Funny Old World “.   

Impromptu Speaking is a cherished quality of speaking which we learn, and occupied, as usual, the second half of the meeting. Chaired by Doug Weale, who in admitted to a particularly challenging set of “Topics”, was rewarded by a succession of inspired responses by a universal rise to the challenge.  

Timing is a vital requisition, in public speech, as organised by the ASC ; in the topics session particular attention to a disciplined response is an essence of good speaking; such was the overall quality of responses, that a tie between John Beale and Trevor Kenning, resulted in the vote for the Topics Trophy; the difference in timing of a matter of seconds determined the outcome and accordingly John was presented with the coveted trophy. 

Evaluation by Bernie Morgan and Garry Costain respectively, of the Topics and of the evening as a whole, concluded the agenda: a fine Topics session and an evening succeeding in our objectives was the sentiment expressed by them both.  

Our aim to increase our membership will be constant throughout the current season, and accordingly visitors will be welcomed to all of our meetings ; for details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or d.weale2012@ or visit