Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 26 March 2015, by Doug Weale

As Chairman of the meeting on March 26th, Doug Weale paid tribute to Trevor Kenning in his dual role of President and Education Director, in the latter Office for the compilation of the twice monthly agendas as we pursue our objective as an affiliate of the Association of Speakers Clubs, to practise and improve the art of speaking in public.

After the initial warm-up, Garry Costain delivered an impromptu speech with his customary intensity of meaning and sincerity, on this occasion the engaging theme of motivation. Evaluation was offered by Ben Harris, drawing attention to the essential factors required by the ASC guide book in good speech, and to points which the speaker might find helpful in seeking improvement.

In contrasting style and subject matter, Steve Pamphilon then gave a humorous discourse on a topic of controversy in Thanet-recycling bins; entitled “My Rubbish Speech”. Deborah Percy evaluated with her now established apposite approach, engaging, inimitable and an ability to encourage confidence in a speaker.

After the interval, an innovative opportunity of impromptu speaking was afforded by Trevor Kenning, in the form of a Balloon Debate: without prior knowledge, as befitting the exercise, members were each given two famous names; speaking for two minutes, the objective was to plea on behalf of one to remain afloat in the hot air balloon, whilst , in the interest of maintaining altitude, the second named was ejected. It was fun, enjoyable, and served the underlying serious purpose with commendable effect.

Evaluation of the session, and finally, the evening as a whole, was given by Steve Pamphilon and John Beale respectively; drawing attention to the educational value, success and enjoyment provided; endorsing the recognition of the contribution made by the Chairman in his opening of the meeting.

Visitors are always welcome to our meetings on the second and fourth Thursday evening of each month ; for details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or d.weale2012@bt internet .com or visit