Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 26 February 2015, by Doug Weale

A successful meeting, notable for its diversity, was Chaired by Bernie Morgan, on February 26th. After the customary warm-up bringing all present to their feet for an initial opportunity to speak, the Club President Trevor Kenning, gave a reminder of important dates of forthcoming events. Members were then entertained by two contrasting, equally absorbing speeches.  

The first was an introductory Pen Portrait by newcomer Chris Stark: the Maiden Speech – the “ice   breaker” always affords great satisfaction to both the Club and speaker as a means of introduction, and opportunity to overcome any apprehension he, or she may have.  

Then followed an impromptu speech from the Advanced Manual; with just ten minutes to prepare on a choice from three subjects ,set by the Education Director, Ben Harris gave a most profound and in-depth dissertation on the theme Politics Have No Relation To Morals. Bens speech was intelligent and unbiased, bearing in mind the political scene in the country today, most topical.  

Evaluation (the process by which we learn) of the two speeches, was given by Deborah Percy and Trevor Kenning, respectively. Deborah was immensely complimentary and thereby encouraging of his of Chris’s Maiden speech, drawing attention to the attributes of the newcomer in her description of him as “a terrific learner”.

In the second speech, the passion and sincerity, together with the remarkable construction and development of the theme was lauded by our Education Director in his appraisal. 

In his first  “Topics” session since he joined us, Steve Pamphilon chose an original theme for the Impromptu speaking session’  the present date, taken from history, ingeniously offered a “topic” for each speaker to interpret in response for three minutes. With imagination to apply to reason, there were as always in this item on the agenda, some entertaining interpretations of the subject. 

Bernie Morgan, by popular vote was awarded the Trophy for best response. Ben Harris, as evaluator of the session gave recognition of the ingenious theme which proved both challenging and entertaining. 

 In a general evaluation of the agenda by Doug Weale acclaim was given to all aspects displayed in pursuit of the ideal of the Association of Speakers Clubs , to which we belong. We look forward to our next meeting on March 12th which will be devoted to speeches relevant to that most cherished  family celebration, a wedding, and the vital part played by speeches, delivered at the reception.To this specially arranged meeting during which typical speeches for the occasion will be delivered by our members, and indeed all our  meetings we offer a most cordial welcome to visitors.