Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 12 February 2015, by Doug Weale

Club President Trevor Kenning chaired the meeting on March 12th, the annual Poetry and Prose evening.  Firstly, however he announced, with justified pleasure, the success of the Club at the Area AGM and contests.  Bernie Morgan, our immediate Past President, now Area President won the prestigious Speech Contest; furthermore, she will assume the role of District Vice President on June 1st. Steve Pamphilon , a most recently enlisted member of our club, delivered a commendable  contribution to the speech competition in the imposing company of all Kent Area contestants, a performance which augurs well for his future within the ASC. With customary modesty, Trevor added his own winning contribution in the Evaluation competition. 

Proceeding with the  poetry and prose reading, members contributed with poetry from John Betjeman, Blake, Marvel, Kipling and prose from the children’s favourite author Cressida Cowell and a poem written by himself and read with pride by Steve  Pamphilon.  All read, and listened to, with equal pleasure.  

The customary impromptu speaking session followed , conducted by Ben Harris, with an intriguing theme, responded to with as usual, completely unprepared answers from all present with relish to the challenge offered. An excellent response by Trevor Kenning, with an in depth discourse on the subject of complaint and compliment earned him , by popular vote, he Topics Trophy. 

Evaluation of all speech and reading was given throughout the proceedings; a combination of compliment and  suggestions for continued improvement; this process is the centre of our guidance from fellow members who are enthusiastically prepared to share what they have learned by that same process.  

John Beale finalising the agenda with evaluative approval of the programme, drawing attention to both the entertainment and the skilful practise of the art which we pursue in our affiliation to the Association of Speakers Clubs.  

We look forward to meetings in the near future which will include a theme new to us; an entire evening devoted to speeches which form a vital part of an occasion, carefully planned, cherished and remembered-a family wedding. To this, Wedding Speech Evening, on March 12th, and all meetings, on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly, we extend a very warm welcome to visitors; please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or or visit