Open meeting on Thursday 13 November 2014, by Doug Weale

The Open Meeting to be held on November 13th, has an especially designed agenda to allow visitors to assess the  contribution which the Club is making in its affiliation to the Association of Speakers Clubs in pursuit of the promotion and improvement in  the art of speaking in public.

Speeches will be delivered by Club members which will illustrate the progress made from a recently enlisted member to one of 15 years’ experience.  The basic qualities of speaking will, by the two speeches, be demonstrated, ranging  firstly from those learnt early on, then in a second speech, to an example of what the A.S.C. defines as a Masterpiece.  A Masterpiece should, in order to be successful and earn a “pass ” by the evaluator,  demonstrate all the attributes of a good speech : speaking with purpose , be well -constructed, with good vocabulary , clarity of description of the subject material, gestures in support of the spoken word ,eye contact and rapport with the audience, the use of humour, and above all to be entertaining and memorable.

There will also be on the agenda, an impromptu speaking demonstration; the club members present will in turn be given a “topic”, having no prior knowledge or even a clue to the subject, will be invited to speak for up to two minutes with a well-constructed response.

Evaluation, the process by which we all learn, will be demonstrated by members of experience, who will, in turn, offer an appraisal of a designated speech, drawing attention to   aspects deserving praise, then points which would have improved the speaker’s delivery, for consideration and implementation in further assignments.

The programme offers an interesting and entertaining opportunity to view our engagement in what we are convinced is a most worthwhile study and practice. We extend a warm welcome to  visit at any of our meetings, but especially on this occasion to sit, listen observe and form a personal judgement. There is no further obligation, no subscription, or commitment of any kind.

The meeting is to be held at our usual venue: the Royal Temple Yacht Club, commencing at 8 pm and concluding at approximately 10.15pm.For any further details, please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or  or visit

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