Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 23 October 2014, by Doug Weale

The annual joint meeting was Chaired by Club President Trevor Kenning on Thursday 23rd. October; living up to expectations as both a social event and an opportunity to which our neighbouring Clubs in Kent join us in our agenda and combine the enthusiasm for the principles of the Association of Speakers Clubs which we all pursue:; to practise and promote the art of speaking in public.  

After an initial warm-up and introduction, the Business session by the Area  President included a reminder of the Open Evening on November 13th, to which visitors will be made especially welcome in our endeavour to attract new members. The Club President then announced with obvious pleasure of all in attendance, of the acceptance of his  invitation to the National President, who was present among the guests as  a member of Chaucer S.C., to be the Guest Speaker at his annual Club dinner in June.  

The agenda then began in earnest , with superb speeches by Maureen Dickie of Chaucer S.C., and our own, Bernie Morgan;  by remarkable coincidence, each with an introspective observation on human life. Firstly a most profound insight, then by Bernie delivering the assignment to demonstrate humour in speech – often recognised as the most challenging aspect of all. Both were speeches of exemplary skill and entertainment, demonstrating the variety of interpretation of subject matter.  

Evaluation, the process by which we learn and progress, was given respectively, by Fred Lemont of West Kent S.C. and Peter Curtiss of Chaucer – the Canterbury based club.  

The Impromptu Speaking session, ingrained into every meeting, was conducted by Celia Hardy, West Kent, who with an innovative theme inspired a great deal of humour into the responses to a variety of qualities needed by applicants needing to impress a selection panel looking to fill employment vacancies. 

A trophy is awarded, determined by popular vote, for the best response. On this occasion, Aly Harold of West Kent  S.C.  with her interpretation of the  “Topic” was declared the winner of the trophy.  Aly’s interpretation was delivered with humour, and imagination; skills which are acquired, as by the above speakers from constant practice.  

Ben Harris of Thanet S.C.  delivered a comprehensive appraisal of the Topics session, with the required recognition of the role of Celia Hardy, and individual evaluation of the responses. Aly Harold  then fulfilled a further assignment to evaluate the evening as a whole;  drawing attention to the success of the objectives of the joint meeting, bringing together the three Kent based Clubs, both socially and in the combined pursuit of furtherance of good speech, as defined by the Association of Speakers Clubs. 

Visitors are welcome to all our meetings; for details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or. d.weale2012   or visit www.thanetspeakers