Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 11 September 2014, by Doug Weale

The first meeting of the new season, chaired by Vice President, Garry Costain, clearly demonstrated the enthusiasm of members by the response to an innovative agenda which offered an invitation to all attending to deliver a brief speech on the subject of “Summer”. The varied response was indicative of the eagerness to resume the challenge and recreation of the underlying purpose of membership: our dedication to the aims of the Association of Speakers Clubs to practise and improve the art of speaking in public.  

After a customary interval, a session of impromptu followed. “Topics, Chaired by Ron Sheldrake who offered a series of subjects to test our memory and descriptive vocabulary of occasions in the past. A variety of responses, naturally, as impromptu speech usually inspires, made for a challenge to individual members speaking, and thorough enjoyment for the listeners.  

A general evaluation of the evening as a whole, by Bernie Morgan, drew attention to the wide variety of subject matter arising, and the value of evaluation to the agenda. Evaluation is at the very heart of our learning, each speaker is individually given an appraisal by an assigned fellow member, to give an opinion, highlighting the commendable aspects of the speech, together with points which could be improved: by this process we progress through the Speakers Guide, our handbook which outlines the basics of good public speech. 

In this new season we are making a renewed approach to increase our membership: visitors will always be made welcome without any obligation to take part or contribute to subscription. For details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or d.weale2012@btinternet .com Or visit