Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 26 June 2014, by Doug Weale

The meeting on June 26th, chaired by incoming President Trevor Kenning, was the last of the current season. A customary warm up brought everyone in turn to their feet then prepared for an important occasion: the team selected to represent us in the annual competition for The Hopper Cup had been invited to rehearse the presentation.

We have immense satisfaction in being represented by recently enrolled members, of a wide range of age, from teenager to octogenarian, and of both genders. The theme of the speeches, The Light Bulb Moment, is open to wide interpretation; the audience of fellow club members were captivated by the skilful cohesion and exposition of the theme, and the engaging humour of Deborah Percy. The competition will be hosted by the Canterbury based Chaucer Speakers Club with all three Kent clubs participating. There followed an impromptu speech by Garry Costain, who with his now accustomed conviction, delivered a most erudite exposition on the value of reading.

After the interval came the accustomed impromptu speaking session, for which responsibility was assigned to Ben Harris. Topics-as the session is known-is a popular feature in the manual: subjects are offered to which responses are given without preparation, which proves both challenging and entertaining. Ron Sheldrake in his evaluation of the meeting, as leader of the Hopper team, declared the meeting a great success, in an agenda giving everyone the opportunity to engage and contribute to the standards in which the club prides itself.

We adjourn for a summer break and resume on Sept 11th, and thereon as usual, second and fourth Thursdays monthly. We always welcome visitors to our meetings. For details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or or visit