Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 12 June 2014, by Doug Weale

Garry Costain chaired the meeting on June 12th with the confidence that is acquired by practice by members in turn; it is an important aspect, and one of many factors to which we as club members are introduced as we progress in the principles and practice of speaking in public.

After a customary warm-up, the chairman with commendable innovation, conducted an interesting forum inviting the audience to name a book which they had cause to regret not reading; as expected a wide variety of titles- and reasons, were given in response.

Doug Weale then fulfilled his contribution to the agenda to deliver a reading: one of a number of requirements of the guide book published by the Association of Speakers Clubs; he chose to read   the inspirational address to the cadets at West Point by General Douglas Macarthur.  Evaluation was given by Ron Sheldrake, by which process, the opinion of fellow members draws attention to factors accomplished well, together with improvements which could be made; thus we accumulate a consensus of opinion and progress.

The impromptu speaking session-“Topics”, was conducted by Trevor Kenning; from a wealth of experience he offered a stimulating and thought provoking  series of propositions inviting either approval or disapproval from selected members, within a two minute speech: then from the floor, a contradicting  opinion in equal brevity.  The procedure proved to be both challenging and of great entertainment value in true “Topics” style. By popular vote the best response was decreed  to have been given by Ron Sheldrake.

Following evaluation  of the Topics session by Garry Costain, the meeting overall was given by John Beale, with a most complimentary opinion of the enjoyment and educational value of all that  had been achieved; taking the opportunity to express his own personal satisfaction of his membership and participation in the club`s  objective. Visitors are always welcome to our meetings, and new members earnestly sought. Please contact Doug Weale  01843 592221  or or visit