Report of the Meeting held on 22 May 2014, by Doug Weale

The AGM on Thursday 22nd May was conducted by the President Bernie Morgan, who, at the conclusion of two terms in Office, characterised by inspiration and verve, welcomed her elected successor Trevor Kenning, of uniform qualities. Together with fellow committee members in support: Garry Costain as Webmaster; Frances Pointer, Education Director, and Doug Weale, Publicity Officer, they will pursue  the ideals of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated; to improve the art of speaking in public, and to promote proficiency in the spoken word.

There was time for one set speech; from a recently joined, enthusiast, Deborah Percy: her assignment, to demonstrate a sense of purpose in speech: doing so with the authority already developed in previous practice, on the subject of science fiction.

Evaluation, from John Beale, the process by which we learn, whereby, compliments on recognition of favourable aspects are paid, tempered with a personal recommendation for improvement, form a consensus of opinion on which to form an ideal: Deborah was  awarded a “pass mark”  for a most interesting and emphatic delivery on her subject.

Impromptu speaking followed conducted by Frances Pointer, earning a complimentary evaluation by Trevor Kenning for the skilful responses drawn from members: always entertaining and a vital part of our programme. The best response by popular vote was declared to be from Bernie Morgan, duly presented with the Topics Trophy.

Garry Costain, with customary prescience in a general evaluation, recognised the maintenance of club standards, contributing to both educational value and enjoyment of the agenda.

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