Report of the Meeting held on 8 May 2014, by Doug Weale

The meeting on Thursday 8th May, chaired by Doug Weale, arranged by Education Director, Frances Pointer, afforded an assignment to Trevor Kenning to conduct an in-depth discourse on the subject of evaluation: the vital process which forms the basis of our learning the art of speaking in public, which we practise, in our Club, in affiliation to the Association of Speakers Clubs.

With his vast experience, he outlined the process aiding the continued improvement of each member, as, in turn, with fellow members as an audience; we follow the basics outlined in the Speakers Guide. Analysis, of the speech, composed and delivered, receives constructive and encouraging comment, both favourable where deserved, and with added personal opinion for improvement, such is the source of our learning.

Both Frances Pointer and Doug Weale expressed the appreciation on behalf of all present, in recognition of the value of the address, to both established and more especially more recently joined members.

There followed the impromptu speaking session, conducted by Ron Sheldrake; an enthusiast of traditional jazz music, who invited responses to famous jazz titles; affording the opportunity for imaginative, completely unprepared speeches from all present. Trevor Kenning, with customary flair, was, by popular vote awarded the Topics Trophy.

In a summation of the evening, Ben Harris voiced the unanimous opinion of the enjoyment and immense educative value of the meeting. Visitors are always welcome to attend our meetings; for details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or