Report of the Meeting Held on 27 February 2014, By Doug Weale

Chairmanship is just one of the many aspects of speaking in public: at our Club under the guidance of the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we belong, Education Director, Frances Pointer, demonstrated this skill at the meeting on February 27th.

A vacancy having occurred on the agenda, valuable extra time was expertly used. Members in turn were given assignments to demonstrate use of vocabulary, humour, rapport, composition and gestures; some of the aspects learned and practised in pursuit of the art of speaking-the objective of Club membership.

Our President, Bernie Morgan, then fulfilled an assignment from the Advanced Manual; an impromptu speech; having been allowed just ten minutes-in seclusion from the meeting-room, having a specific subject on which to deliver a “Masterpiece”; so named for its content of all the predominant qualities of a good speech.

Trevor Kenning, a speaker of immense capability and experience, skilled in the vital aspect of our learning curve-evaluation-whereby appraisal by fellow members offers approval where deserved and drawing attention to aspects for improvement;  in Bernie`s case awarding a well-deserved “Pass ” having given a most entertaining speech, exemplifying  the qualities needed.

The customary “Topics ” session, followed; Ben Harris conducting a most capable conclusion to the meeting. The opportunity is taken here to draw attention to the meeting on March 13th: a cordial invitation is extended to attend this annual event, to which visitors will be made especially welcome; to listen, observe and enjoy a typical meeting.

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