Report of the Meeting Held on 9 January 2014, By Doug Weale

Ben Harris chaired the meeting on 9th January, to determine who will represent us in the next round of two of three annual competitions – Evaluation & Impromptu Speaking (Topics) – each a vital quality of the Art of Speaking as practised in our Club, which is affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs. 

 Each of these competitions involved an added responsibility of planning: the key auxiliary figures of judges and time-keepers being needed, as well as those wishing to compete – not to mention the “Target Speaker” to be the subject of evaluation.  

Doug Weale, assigned the task of the first of the two competitions, paid tribute to the expertise of Trevor Kenning as chief Judge, who in turn expressed his own appreciation of the skilful assistance of most recently joined, Deborah Percy.  

Education Director, Frances Pointer, delivered the speech for evaluation –  a most entertaining demonstration of the use of vocabulary and word-pictures – the B6 in the guide book, a test of skilful appraisal by the competitors.  

Garry Costain adjudged the winner, second place being awarded to Ron Sheldrake, who then proceeded to oversee the Topics Competition overcoming the same difficulties as described above. 

Joining the two successful winners of evaluation, at the Kent Area meeting, will be John Beale and Doug Weale. In his General Evaluation of the meeting as a whole, Trevor Kenning paid tribute to the contribution by Frances Pointer and Ben Harris and the enthusiasm of all club members present.  

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