Report of the Meeting Held on 14 November 2013, By Doug Weale

Chaired by Education Director Frances Pointer, the meeting on Thursday 14th November was enjoyed by members and visitors alike.

The agenda of speeches subscribed an extensive range of subjects of immense interest, demonstrating the skills in the art of speaking which the club pursues in its affiliation to the Association of Speakers Clubs.

Dr. John Beale with his characteristic mixture of life experience and humour delivered an assignment requiring the use of gestures in support of speech; doing so in a talk on an historic personality, of immense interest.

Ben Harris then gave a splendid example of the quality of rapport in his penultimate assignment of the ten basic values in speaking: with the intriguing title “Is There Anyone Left?”  He now prepares, having reached by graduation, for the ultimate  “Masterpiece ” , the pinnacle of our objective, embracing all the qualities of public speaking by the standards set by the aforementioned ASC.

On this same evening, by assignment, Trevor Kenning, an established Advanced Speaker, presented an exemplar of those qualities in “A Hill Of Beans” with absorbing scrutiny of colloquial language;  in his distinctive style, blending intellect and humour, delivered a speech acclaimed by his evaluator.

All participants were evaluated by which process, the considered opinion of fellow members, offers suggestion for continued improvement in our progress to Advanced standard.

The customary impromptu speaking session occupied the second half of the agenda, conducted by Doug Weale; John Beale being awarded the Trophy for best response, with his amusing diagnosis of dreams.

Garry Costain, in a General evaluation, reflected the view of all present, that the meeting under skilful Chairmanship and individual evaluation, had been successful, enjoyable and of immense educational value.

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