Report of the meeting held on Thursday October 10, by Doug Weale

Trevor Kenning, with exemplary chairmanship of a meeting beset with absentees, on Thursday 10th September, turned what might have been a disappointing event into  a thoroughly enjoyable evening with an unusually  high presence of visitors, who, to our great pleasure, all accepted an invitation to speak.

The revised agenda, demonstrated the very best of the Club and its aim to improve the art of speaking in public. Following the inspirational opening by the Chairman, bringing all present, in turn, to a warm-up in a tutorial on Chairmanship, we were then entertained by Ron Sheldrake giving a speech from the Advanced Manual, demonstrating the use of visual aids.  Club President, Bernie Morgan, gave the evaluation, the source of teaching by which the best aspects of a speech are given due acknowledgement, together with points for improvement and a guide for further progress.

Impromptu speaking, a regular feature on agendas, followed. Chaired by Doug Weale, inviting all present, to respond to a variety of topics, without prior knowledge or preparation.  As earlier in the evening, great pleasure was afforded to members by the enthusiastic participation of every visitor. Andrew Thomson delivered a comprehensive evaluation of each response. The Topics Trophy was awarded by a popular vote to Education Director, Frances Pointer.

Concluding the agenda, a general evaluation of the evening as a whole by Ben Harris drew attention to the vital part played in Chairmanship, one of the many aspects of the art practised in our affiliation to the Association of Speakers Clubs.

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