Report of the meeting held on 12 September 2013 by Doug Weale



Club President Bernie Morgan chaired the first meeting of a new season on Thursday 12th September at The Royal Temple Yacht Club. With her usual enthusiasm, she began with a warm-up, inviting everyone to speak for a minute or two on a theme of her choice.

Thus prepared we settled down to listen with rapt attention to Dr. John Beale as he presented the second speech of the ten assignments of the Manual designed by the Association of Speakers Clubs. He gave an absorbing account of three distinguished scientists who, in a widely differing manner, each using their individual skill, in conjunction with the human senses, which we all possess, made such great contributions to medicine. With a deft touch of humour, which is a feature of his speaking, this proved to be a fine introduction to the meeting.

A speech by Doug Weale followed on the subject of the aims of the Association to which our club is affiliated: The practice and improvement of speaking in public, choosing in particular the subject of humour.

Evaluations followed by Ben Harris and Ron Sheldrake respectively, drawing attention to  aspects of merit together with points for improvement, demonstrating the  essence  of our method of learning: the constructive appraisal by our fellow members.

The customary impromptu speaking session, on this occasion Chaired by Margaret Jones, giving an opportunity to everyone to speak, without preparation on a topic selected to be challenging, but within our capability, of response for two minutes: an enjoyable assignment, and an essential factor in the speakers` armoury, and vital to the club`s programme.

Frances Pointer capably- as Education Director -evaluated each individual response, including a compliment to Margaret`s Chairmanship. The Topics Trophy, awarded to the finest response, by popular vote, was awarded to Trevor Kenning, who then fulfilled his appointed task of evaluating the evening as a whole. With characteristic  enthusiasm for all the qualities deserving compliment demonstrated by his fellow members, together with -skilful evaluator that he is -some points for the continual improvement, which is the ambition and purpose  of  the club. He concluded on a most positive note for the season of speaking just begun.

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