Report of the meeting held on Thursday 27 June 2013, by Doug Weale

Bernie Morgan chaired the final meeting of the Speakers Club Year concluding her successful term of Office. Due to an absentee, a vacancy on the agenda required the skill of chairmanship to fill the gap; our President, as a graduate of the Edinburgh Festival, gave an entertaining and instructive lesson on the vital subject of humour in public speaking, engaging members of the audience in participation, offering both instruction and pleasure.


Ben Harris, then, by coincidence, delivered a speech designed to demonstrate the use of that very aspect; a challenging assignment in  which he succeeded by a humorous tale  of  everyday family life. In an evaluation, given by Andrew Thomson, the speech, arousing laughter from assembled members and visitors, earned approval, whilst matters for improvement were recommended. Such appraisal of a speech is the source of our learning and progress. Having no professional tuition, the consensus of opinion of our peers is valued, and acted upon.


As at every meeting, the second half was dedicated to impromptu speaking. With Ron Sheldrake chairing, his thought provoking “topics”, without prior knowledge to members, proved to be both challenging and enjoyable. A trophy, awarded by popular vote, for the best response, was presented to John Beale, for a two minute speech of his, now established  mixture of  wit and wisdom.


Margaret Jones gave a general evaluation of the meeting, with particular attention to the efficiency of chairmanship, and the evaluations given to speakers. The meetings will resume after a summer interval. The club meets on the second and fourth Thursdays at the Royal Temple Yacht Club, at 8pm:for details of visiting and membership please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or  or visit the website