Report of the meeting held on 13 June 2013. By Doug Weale

Bernie Morgan, Club President, chaired the penultimate meeting of the current season on Thursday 13th June. A warm welcome to visitors, as always, began an agenda which demonstrated the practice in the art of speaking in public, encouraged by the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we belong.


Margaret Jones, having just returned from an exciting visit to China, delivered a speech in descriptive prose, of memorably vivid moments: walking on the Great Wall, the traffic in Shanghai – motor-scooters by the thousand! – and the peril of crossing a street ! A profound implication of the one-child doctrine stunned the audience. Of the four different qualities of a speech: to  inform, to pay tribute, to inspire or to entertain- a fine example of both informative and entertaining speaking. Evaluation by Education Director, Frances Pointer, drew attention to the skills demonstrated in delivery, and the enjoyment afforded to the audience by Margaret.


There followed an impromptu speech by Doug Weale. Having been given three subjects from which to choose, and ten minutes to compose, Doug spoke fluently on the title: Fortune Favours The Brave. Evaluation by Ben Harris, gaining in confidence, outlined the value of impromptu speaking in the repertoire of all speakers, leading on conveniently, to the regular impromptu session of every meeting.


Bernie Morgan, with an innovative theme of Dragons Den, invited each to seek financial sponsorship  for an unlikely product, producing  responses equally imaginative to the challenge. Evaluation by Andrew Thomson of the meeting paid compliment to all aspects demonstrated of the skills which  Club promotes with such enthusiasm.


On the 26th June, the club, represented by Garry Costain, Ben Harris, Margaret Jones and Ron Sheldrake, will contest for The Hopper Cup – an eagerly awaited, annual team speaking competition among the Kent Area clubs. Our final club meeting will be on Thursday 27th June: visitors always welcome. For details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit