Report of The Meeting on Thursday 25 April 2013

Club President, Bernie Morgan, chaired the meeting on Thursday 25th April; opening with a speech by Paul Hogwood, assigned to exemplify purposeful speaking, together with  confidence; the qualities designated by the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we belong: a thorough knowledge of his subject, together with a fine presentation earned a pass mark, by his evaluator Garry Costain. Evaluation by fellow members who offer considered opinion, on both  the qualities achieved together with suggestions for improvement, is our source of progress as we practise.

The speech which followed, by Kathleen Smith, required an equally challenging factor in public speaking; audience rapport: a profound moral subject -found so often in her speeches- engaged and entertained the audience; earning the pass, thereby proceeding to the final of the basic ten assignments, which will lead on to the Advanced Manual. The evaluation by Margaret Jones drew attention to vital essentials displayed, together with congratulations.

The impromptu speaking session -a regular and vital feature- chaired on this occasion by Doug Weale, invited responses to “topics”; a two minute speech, without preparation by all present in turn: resulting in a varied and interesting insight into a chosen theme. Bernie Morgan, by popular vote was awarded the “Topics Trophy” for best response. Following Andrew Thomson`s evaluation of the “Topics”, Education Director, Frances Pointer, gave a general evaluation of the evening, outlining the progress of members in pursuit of our aim to “practise and improve”.

Visitors are made welcome to our meetings, in an effort to enrol new members, who we are sure will recognise the value of becoming proficient in the art of speaking in public. For details please contact Doug Weale 01843   592221 or or  go to our website: