Thanet Speakers Club Report – 22nd March 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Ron Sheldrake chaired the meeting on March 22nd, at which the first half was devoted to a “workshop” illustrating aspects of public  speaking deemed vital . With no professional instruction, club members of  experience and long standing offered their advice on humour and rapport  respectively.

Doug Weale, with examples of how the introduction of humour into a  speech can be used as a persuasive factor, as well as being entertaining: among  his samples, he cited  the law courts, in which, having made the jury laugh,  at the expense of an unsure witness, a Counsel had used humour as  a vital factor in the acquittal of a client- and in a cause celebre-ensured a conviction.  Trevor Kenning, a speaker of immense experience,  brought home to the audience the value of establishing rapport, in speaking to an audience: an abstract, but essential quality. Audience participation produced the one word which seemed to define rapport- engagement. It was recalled that a former club member, of distinction, had famously said of rapport; “I am unable to define it but I recognise  it when I see it”.  Frances Pointer, Director of Education, a student of psychology, then gave a lecture on the subject of addiction-to sugar: which proved to be profound and absorbing,  illustrating the wide variety of subject matter which arises in a club meeting.

Margaret Jones then took the Chair for the customary impromptu speaking session: famous quotations were offered to the audience for their comment , prompting a diversity of responses.  In the true style of “Topics”, John Poole being awarded the Trophy for best response.  Having been absent on a course in furtherance of  his career, Andrew Thomson made a welcome return, in the assignment of general evaluator,with favourable comment on the value of the meeting, both as entertainment,and educational: sharing the opinion of all present.

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