Club Library

The following books are available to full members of Thanet Speakers Club:

1. Is there a speech inside you?  – Don Aslett [Manual 1]

2. Handbook for the Terrified Speaker – Mitch Murray [Manual 1]

3. Making Effective Speeches – John Bowden [Manual 2 onwards]

4. The Voice Book – Michael McCallion [Manual 5]

5. Just Say a Few Words – Bob Monkhouse [Manual 8]

6. Speaking on Special Occasions – Roger Mason [Advanced Manual 8]

7. How to be a master of ceremonies –  April Calthorpe [Advanced Manual 8]

8. How to Master Public Speaking – Anne Nicholls

9. Speak Well in Public – Alfred Tack

10. The Complete Speechmaker – Willis, Edin and Lansbury

Contact the webmaster for more information. A returnable deposit of £10 will be required (preferably a cheque – it will not be cashed if the book is returned in good condition). Please try to return books promptly. Book donations are appreciated. Short reviews of these and any other relevant books always welcome.

Just Say a Few Words Bob Monkhouse Excellent book, ideas very easy to put into practice. John – Really good; I have a copy at home – Margaret.

The Voice Book Michael McCallion I used to speak in a very quiet monotone before I read this book and started practising some of the exercises – Julie; I found it very useful – Miriam.

How to be a master of ceremonies April Calthorpe At last a book to explain what is expected of an MC, I always felt in the dark when I had to be MC for a Speakers’ dinner – Julie.