Thanet Speakers Club Report – 12th July 2012 (by Doug Weale)

The meeting on July 12th, chaired by Doug Weale featured a speech by John Poole demonstrating the use of humour.  He chose the infallible subject of personal experience to recall everyday life in which episodes caused laughter and happy memories of his past.  Trevor Kenning  awarded a pass mark, complimenting the speaker on his style and delivery, drawing attention to points for improvement in further assignments.

Variety is a feature in our agendas, but always with the objective in mind to practise and improve the art of speaking in public debating is both good practise and popular in this pursuit.  The subject in debate on Thursday, was Ghosts and evoked a remarkable number of personal recollections, told in a series of short, vivid speeches  Tthe result was an overall majority vote in agreement with the belief in the existence of supernatural beings.

Topics-impromptu speaking-followed with Ron Sheldrake in the chair challenging  members present to speak for two minutes without preparation on random subjects. The Trophy for the best response-as judged by popular vote-was awarded to Trevor Kenning.

President Bernie Morgan reviewed the the evening as a whole, as in keeping with the standards of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated.

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