Thanet Speakers Club Report – 14th June 2012 (by Doug Weale)

The  agenda on Thursday 14th June was chaired by Kathleen Smith.  The session began by the official investiture of our new President Bernie Morgan, who as it happened, had been assigned to deliver a speech to demonstrate rapport in public speaking and proceeded to do so in a style exemplary of her own embracing an extensive general  knowledge which engaged and entertained the audience.  In the manner required,Bernie earned a well-deserved passmark by evaluator, Margaret Jones

John Poole, with admirable determination, earned a pass-mark, from Ron Sheldrake for his third attempt at demonstrating the use of notes.

There followed a rehearsal for the all important Hopper Cup; a team speaking competition between the Kent clubs  to be hosted at our next meeting June 28th; at our customary venue,the Royal Temple Yacht Club. Visitors are always welcome at our meetings, and this will be no exception; 7.45.for 8pm.  We expect keen friendly rivalry in this annual entertaining event, a display of skilled public speaking is assured.

The agenda on Thursday concluded with the impromptu speech session; chaired by Trevor Kenning who, with his amiable persona, conducted an congenial invitation to all present, to speak without previous preparation, on a topical subject :challenging, but within the capability of club members,proving to be enjoyable ,and rewarding.  For the best response by popular vote, a presentation of the Topics Trophy on this occasion, to Sally Dyos for a humorous story, in the finest tradition of this vital art in the speaker`s armoury.

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