Thanet Speakers Club Report – 10th May 2012 (by Doug Weale)

President Kathleen Smith chaired the meeting on May 10th and in the absence of one of the customary  two members, assigned to deliver a pre-arranged speech, brought to bear her initiative and experience in chairmanship, to fill the gap by an impromptu debate: challenging the members and a welcome visitor, to contribute to a profound subject; the survival-or  otherwise of the human race.  This inovative item on the agenda, deviating from the routine, offerred to all present, an opportunity to engage in public speaking as practised on a regular  basis by the club at our fortnightly meetings.

John Poole was present to give his prearranged speech demonstrating the use of notes; one of many qualities required in progress through the Manual, published by the Association of Speakers Clubs.  He gave a speech in his accustomed style; as an entertaining and original raconteur. Doug Weale evaluated the speech, drawing attention to aspects accomplished, learnt at  club meetings, by listening to other members  and their evaluation.  On this occasion it was considered that improvement could be made and a further opportunity was eagerly accepted.

The usual impromptu speaking session followed, chaired by Andrew Thomson, offering “topics” to which all present were invited  to respond without any preparation, a challenging but most rewarding and certainly entertaining regular feature of the club agenda.  Evaluation as for all speaking was given; on this occasion by Trevor Kenning; the essence of our learning curve; his appraisal,constructive and of immense educative value to each speaker. John Poole, by popular vote, was presented the  Topics Trophy for best response.

Ron Sheldrake rounded off the meeting with an overall evaluation.

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