Thanet Speakers Club Report (Speech Contest) – 12th January 2012

The annual speech competition, chaired by Ron Sheldrake, offered the customary variety of entertaining subject matter in speeches by members: Trevor Kenning, as chief judge was looking for far more, however; delivery, use of words, gestures, voice modulation, and yet  still more; all aspects of public speaking learned at the club.

Three of the entrants; winner runner-up and a reserve were selected to proceed to the Area round next month in Maidstone. A remarkable performance by Sally Dyos, delivering her very first prepared speech, stunned the audience by her confident ability, with a most entertaining performance, gaining the reserve place, alongside Doug Weale and Ian Lockyer, who will
represent the club next month.

As always impromptu speaking is a regular feature of our meetings: Margaret Jones taking over the Chair for this session, offerred an innovative theme, inviting members to respond to a piece of music. The challenge of these ” topics” is a good grounding for practise and learning of fundamentals needed in progression through the syllabus: the skill of the responses,
and their entertaining value are judged by popular vote, for the award of a trophy for the best: this meeting`s winner: Trevor Kenning.

Evaluation, the pivotal factor of our learning curve-earned congratulations for Margaret in recognition of her Chairmanship of the session, and valuable advice to members, where thought necessary, for continued progress in the coveted art which the club, in alliance with the National Association of Speakers Clubs, seeks to promote.

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