Thanet Speakers Club Report – 22nd December 2011

The club prides itself on the variety of agendas offered at the twice monthly meetings.  The aim however remains constant; to practise and improve the art of speaking in public. The responsibility for the content is undertaken by our Education Director Frances Pointer, who, for the final meeting of the year, gave the opportunity to engage in debate-one of the most challenging aspects of speaking.

Chaired by Ron Sheldrake, the Motion was “People are a Different Life Form from Animals”. Prior to commencement of debate, a vote was taken, showing a majority in favour. There then followed a most forceful argument in support  by Trevor Kenning and Doug Weale but the audience, were swayed by the eloquent rhetoric in opposition, of the formidable duo of the club President, Kathleen Smith and Vice President Bernie Morgan, who overcame the balance, and in spite of a forceful summing up for the motion, a drawn resulted.

After the interval, the impromptu session followed.  Cchaired by Bernie Morgan, the “topics” were as always, designed to be challenging, yet within the capability of all present, and an enjoyable item on every agenda.

Regular meetings on 2nd and fourth Thursdays will recommence on January 12th with the important annual Speech Competition: winner and runner-up going on to the Area contest, culminating in April at the National final.

Varying format of agendas will continue, such as the debate, team speaking and competitions, and of course – Impromptu speaking-all make for an absorbing formula to learn the art of speaking in public.

For all details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit our website