Thanet Speakers Club Report – 13th October 2011 (by Doug Weale)

The meeting on October 13th demonstrated all aspects of public speaking which is practised at the club. Chairman, Ron Sheldrake master-minded the agenda, beginning with our enthusiastic President, Kathleen Smith, in a brief Business Session outlining her plan for the annual Hopper Cup Team.

There followed, after a traditional warm-up, two set speeches delivered in compliance with The Speakers Guide Book, which conducts all members through the basic qualities of public speaking.  Firstly John Poole spoke on international cricket , affording an opportunity to demonstrate gestures in support of the spoken word,evaluated by Margaret Jones,who invited a further chance,at a future date, with helpful suggestions to improve upon his delivery.

Kathleen Smith then gave, in complete  contrast, a speech of profound, thought provoking content demonstrating variation of voice, achieving the award of a Pass Mark by Ben Harris. The chairman, then conducted the customary impromptu speaking session; both challenging and entertaining to all present: the Trophy for the best response to her Topic,was awarded by popular vote to Educational Director Frances Pointer.

In his summing-up of the evening, Doug Weale adjudged the meeting to have been enjoyable and  maintaining the standards set by the Association of Speakers Clubs, whose aims are the objective of all our meetings.

Visitors are welcome to all our meetings at the Royal Temple Yacht Club on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly.

For further details contact Doug Weale 01843 592221; or the website