Thanet Speakers Club Report – 9th June 2011 (by Doug Weale)

A significant meeting, chaired by Trevor Kenning maintained the standards set in the club’s history .  After an initial warm-up, the Agenda began in earnest. A business session, revealing the enthusiasm of the new President for the programme ahead.

Then, a maiden speech by Martin Easton, delivered with conviction and obvious in-depth knowledge of  his subject, the successful allied D-Day landings in Europe, was evaluated by President, Kathleen Smith with due praise, and a deserving pass-mark accompanied by recommendations for points to be addressed, which will improve the skill of the new member.  Such evaluative appraisal is at the heart of the learning curve of the club’s ideal, set by the Association to which we belong.

There followed, by the retiring Education Officer, Andrew Thomson, an impromptu speech, one of the most challenging assignments from the advanced manual, delivered after ten minutes of preparation only, which Ron Sheldrake evaluated. 

In the second half of the meeting the clubs new Education Director, Frances Pointer, having arranged the whole agenda, further demonstrated her  capability in supervising  the impromptu speaking session: known as the Topics Session,  an established routine of invitation to address the meeting, by all present, on various subjects, each offered without prior knowledge, and therefore with no time to prepare a response: the best of which, decided by popular vote, was acknowledged to have been given by Trevor Kenning, rewarded by a trophy, held until the next meeting .

In his summing up of the evening, retiring President Doug Weale paid tribute to the success and all-round standard displayed, reflecting on not only the skilled chairmanship, but the potential of the new committee.

All visitors are welcome to our meetings, 8 pm. on the second and fourth Thursday, monthly: at the Royal Temple Yacht Club: further details from Doug Weale 01843 592221:  or   website