New Committee Announced at Thanet Speakers Club Meeting (26th May 2011)

The new Thanet Speakers committee for the forthcoming year was chaired in, and finalized at their AGM held on the 26th May.

The new club president is Kathleen Smith with Bernie Morgan as vice president. Francis Pointer is the new educational director with Margaret Jones continuing her role as club treasurer The new publicity officer will be Doug Weal with Ben Harris co-supporting Lisa Emm’s in welcoming new quests. Trevor Kenning will continue as club secretary.

The AGM gave recognition of the clubs success in the recruiting of new members, and the dedication of all in making the club work as an organization. Doug Weal’s inspiring dedication to his presidency alongside Andrew Thomson commitment to organizing the club’s agendas was noted, and appreciated by all present.

The clubs Hopper Team competing at Chaucer’s on 9th June was cheered and acknowledged for being an excellence team that can win the Hopper 2011 trophy for Thanet Speakers.

The AGM meeting concluded with the usual impromptu speeches where the impromptu trophy was won by Francis Pointer for her thorough, and insight response.

All Thanet Speakers meetings our open to visitors.  Our next meeting is 7.45pm on 9th June at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate. Full contact details can be found on