Thanet Speakers Club Report –14th April 2011

Thanet Speakers club met on the 14th April for the Hopper Cup competition.  All competitors had to give a speech on the topic, ‘if only l had enough time’.  The speeches showed a rich diversity of response, and where all delivered within the ethos of Hoppers which encourages speakers to step outside the ASC manual enabling the element of fun.

The use of props and dramatizations techniques where all used to good effect. The voting was difficult as all competitors delivered good speeches.  However, a Hopper Cup team was selected to compete regionally at Chaucers.  The selection for the Hoppers is Doug Weale who’s use of a carving knife produced both gasps and laughs from the audience, Margarette Jones who used array of visual aids including a half cup of cold tea, Bernie Morgan who’s dinner invite whilst forgetting the food had the audience in stitches, and Ben Harris who gave an inspiring and yet comical speech in his comparisons with himself, and minds with little time left.

The topic session was chaired by Ben Harris, and he used anonymous quotes as his subject material. The topic trophy was won by Francis Pointer who gave an in depth and humorous response to the topic smiles.

All Thanet Speakers meetings our open to visitors.  Our next meeting is 7.45pm on 28th April at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate. Full contact details can be found on