Thanet Speakers Club Report – 24th March 2011

The meeting held on the 24th March was chaired for the first time by Ben Harris.  Ben showed innovative chairmanship with his amendments to the planned scheduled which allowed guests to introduce themselves to the club.

Members were both delighted and captured by John Paul’s descriptions of childhood that took one through the playing fields of tin can cannons to the air raids shelters where teachers sat in silence.

On the prepared speeches Kathleen Smith undertook the B2 assignment which answered the question , ‘why do we have one mouth and two ears’ bemusing the audience with her Italian style gestures.  

Francis Pointer chaired the impromptu section where members take the floor and speak on whatever subject they had just been given.  Francis choose quotations that really got the impromptu juices flowing where even the analysis of impromptu was cleverly weaved into a response. The topics trophy was won by Trevor Kenning whose natural flare for out smarting any quotation did so with an excellent show of speaking skills.

The evening was declared a success thanks to Ben Harris fine chairmanship which linked agenda with cleared directives which made a successful meeting possible.

All Thanet Speakers meetings our open to visitors.  Our next meeting is 7.45pm on 14th April at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in Ramsgate. Full contact details can be found on