Thanet Speakers Club Report – 10th March 2011

The Thanet Speakers club meeting held on 10th March 2011 saw our youngest member Ben Harris, demonstrate his development by successfully completing his B5 speech which was delivered with both confidence and with a good use of humor.
Ben’s speech was followed by a B3 speech entitled ‘when you eat just eat’, by Kathleen Smith who successfully demonstrated the importance of audience rapport in a speech.
The speeches where evaluated by Trevor Kenning, and Andrew Thomson who both captured the high level of speech evaluative skills of the club
Doug Weale chaired the impromptu speaking session by giving members random thought words. All members rose to the challenge including visiting  guests. The ‘Speakers Trophy’ was won by Francis Pointer who engaged the audience with humor on the topic of ‘Cake’.

All Thanet Speaker group evenings are open to anyone. So if you like to come as a guest our next meeting please contact Doug Weale : 01843 692221 or  or visit our website