Thanet Speakers Club Report – Open Evening/Workshop 24th February 2010

Our Open Evening/Workshop held on 24th of February was a big success.  The club was joined by Toast Masters international, Chaucer, West Kent, and other honoured guests. The evening begun with Margaret Jones giving a demonstrative talk on chairmanship. This was followed by Bernie Morgan’s audience interactive workshop on humor.

Doug Weale than entertained the audience with an after dinner speech that illustrated Bernie Morgan tips on building rapport through speech humor. Doug’s after dinner tribute to Kent Ladies demonstrated the fine speaking skills of Thanet Speakers Club as well as successfully eliciting lots of laughter from all present.

Ron Sheldrake Chaired the Impromptu speech session and all visiting clubs participated capturing the participatory spirit of the workshop. The impromptu trophy by unanimous vote was won by Kathleen Smith. The evening ended with Trevor Kenning giving an overall evaluation through audience participation where all present gave imput into what makes an effective speech evaluator.

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