Thanet Speakers Club Report, December 9th 2010 (Club Debate)

Andrew Thomson chaired the final meeting the year, and as so often happens, in event of small attendance, enthusiam triumphs to produce a successful meeting.  The fervour of debate: speaking wih concviction, one of the qualities of the art of speaking in public practised at the club, was inspired by the subject of the European Union,in particular Great Britain`s continued  membership–or not ! A minority of a sole member, in favour of this country’s continued membership, was demonstrated, as, to begin,the opinion of those present,was noted. There followed , expessed with emotion, and eager acceptance of the oportunity to speak on this subject, using skills learned and nurtured at our meetings, a succession of speakers voicing  opinion on  a diverse range of appertaining factors entreated by eurosceptics; our sovereignty, national character, independence, economic survival: from Ben Harris our youngest member,to those of the club President, Doug Weale,who recalled Churchillian passion his  views on the subject.  

Then, up spoke the sole minority; Trevor Kenning; with the skilled, persuasive oratory learned from his thirty-something years of membership: by reasoned logic and powerful declamation, he demolished all  the opposition by his conviction of continued E.U.membership.  There is-he reasoned- no suggestion of a challenge to our sovereignty, or  our national character.  Consider the alternatives, he urged:.are we strong enough to go it  alone ?:  After this inspiring session of speaking, by all present, there   followed in the second half,chaired by Ben Harris, a more relaxed impromptu speaking hour on “topics”; a challenging and enjoyable regular item on the agenda.  Such absorbing entertainment at our regular meetings can  be sampled by visitors who will be made welcome at a specially convened Open Evening on February 24th next year, at which all aspects of our skills will be presented.  For details please contact Doug Weale 01843  592221 or  or website