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Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 27 November 2014, by Doug Weale

On the agenda of the meeting Thursday 27th November, Chaired by Doug Weale , were the first two competitions of the season: the Evaluation followed by the Topics: whereby places in the Kent Area round on Sunday February 8th are awarded, in the long haul to the eventual prestigious National final.  

A “target speech” by the Club Vice President, Garry Costain, captivated the audience of club members, all of whom were invited to compete, together with visitors listening intently, observing the process by which we pursue the practice and promotion of speaking in public. Having made notes whilst the speech was delivered, of the customary high standard, of depth of subject and an admired style of delivery, the competitors withdrew to compile their notes in a preferred order to address the judges, Doug Weale and the speaker himself, seated in the audience.  

The skill of evaluation is to draw complimentary attention to deserving attributes, together with points which might have improved the speech; this process is the essence of our progress, as not only the speaker but fellow members listen. 

The impromptu speaking-Topics- followed with an ingenious idea of the Chairman, to invite visitors to join in-although as non- members not eligible for contention for competitive award, it gave the Club immense satisfaction to discover the potential and obvious enjoyment of our guests : affording encouragement to continue our quest for visitors with a view to converting to membership.  

The success of the meeting was declared by Club President Trevor Kenning, who himself succeeded in both competitions and was unstinting in praise of his Vice President ‘s target speech, and  the performance of fellow members , John Beale ,Ron Sheldrake and Deborah Percy who will join him in contention for places in the next round. He concluded with compliments and thanks to visitors who by their presence and enthusiastic participation had contributed to a very successful and enjoyable meeting. 

Visitors will, as always be welcome to all our meetings, the next being the Speech Competition on December 11th 2014. For all details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or  Or visit uk


Report of the Meeting Held on Thursday 13 November 2014, by Doug Weale

The annual Open Evening, chaired by Ron Sheldrake, was a great success: a special invitation had been extended to visitors to savour the established procedure of a typical meeting, whereby we seek to practise and promote the art of speaking in public, following the standards set by the   Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated.  

After the customary warm – up , conducted by the Chairman, giving everyone an opportunity to stand and speak briefly on a theme of general interest , two members then each delivered a speech prepared and written in keeping with the standard which they had reached by virtue of their experience and consequent ability. 

Deborah Percy, a comparative newcomer to our Club, assigned the third of the ten assignments in the Basic Manual, to show ability of construction of a well-planned delivery; in simple terms, opening, middle, and end- doing so with a personal flare for wry humour- to the delight of the audience. Doug Weale followed with an example from the summit of the Advanced Manual reached after a lengthy term of membership.  

The speakers were evaluated by Garry Costain and Ben Harris, respectively; the process by which we learn: each gave complimentary acknowledgement of the factors achieved , together with matters recommended for improvement. Both the speeches and evaluation proved of immense interest and enjoyment to our visitors. 

After an interval, the Topics session: impromptu speaking; conducted by John Beale, inviting a response to the theme he had chosen: aspects of travel, proving to be challenging, yet well within the capability of all present, ranging from walking to a flight to the moon; everyone, including to our satisfaction, visitors, enjoyed the challenge and mental stimulus which is experienced by impromptu speaking. 

The Club President, in his general evaluation paid tribute to the above evaluators, and the guidance offered, with visitors present, drawing attention to what is defined by the A.S.C. as education; the vital factors which contribute to a study of the art promoted by the club; giving particular compliment to John Beale’s chairmanship of the Topics session, and the responses, in particular by visitors; concluding with praise for the contribution played by Ron Sheldrake to this most successful event. 

 A continued drive to attract visitors, with a view to boost our membership, continues; for details please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or d. weale2012@ or visit www.thanetspeakers. org. uk