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Report of the Meeting held on 27 March 2014, by Doug Weale

Trevor Kenning chaired the meeting on Thursday 27th March, attended by club members in their pursuit of the aims of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated, and as is customary, under his chairmanship, we enjoyed a most convivial evening.

Making light of a minimal attendance, his innovative approach was effective throughout. First item, an impromptu speech from Doug Weale, having a choice from Education Director, Frances Pointer, of three titles, he selected “Neither a Borrower Nor a Lender Be “, and succeeded in an interpretation of his assignment with humour, underlying a serious message.

Then followed a fine example of chairmanship, maintaining the entertainment value of the meeting, as three members were invited to give an impromptu self-portrait; Kathleen Smith, Bernie Morgan and John Beale with due modesty, yet revealing their  innermost identity. Garry Costain with his usual prescience, evaluated each speaker.

The programme continued with all present joining in the routine impromptu speaking session; directed by Bernie Morgan, with apt subject material, to which members were invited to respond for two minutes; with no preparation or foreknowledge of the “topic”.  Humour again playing a major role by Kathleen Smith, who by popular vote was awarded the Topics  Trophy.

Evaluation – appraisal by fellow members, offering considered opinion, favourable where relevant, together with points for improvement – being given by John Beale, who, as yet, still in his first year of membership, having acquired an apposite recognition of what is required by the evaluator.

A general, overall, assessment of the meeting, by Frances Pointer, indicated the high standard and success, contributed to by skilful chairmanship, and the enthusiasm of members, in their approach to respective assignments.

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Report of the Meeting held on 13 March 2014, by Doug Weale

Two superb speeches in remarkable contrast, were  the highlight of the agenda on Thursday 13th March. The first of immense importance and satisfaction to both the speaker and our club; an inaugural speech from Deborah Percy. Drawing from her love of literature she expounded her recognition of the works of JK Rowling with an entertaining account of the author`s influential skill.

Ben Harris, in his evaluation listed qualities displayed in her speaking, relating to the vital factors learned and practised under the guidance of the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we are  affiliated, all exemplified in the speech.

The second speech in contrast coming from the recently revised Advanced Manual-by Garry Costain, with his now characteristic intensity, earned an equally well-deserved “Pass ” from Trevor Kenning, an established Advanced speaker, and exemplar of the most well-read among the members, who recognised the skill needed for the assignment “Book Review”.

Evaluation is at the very heart of our learning: opinion expressed by fellow members, formed by their own progress though the manual- The Speakers Guide -is offered, combining praise and recommendations for continued improvement, making for entertainment and education in the art of speaking publicly.

President Bernie Morgan, in the second half of the meeting, introduced the impromptu speaking session, a regular, vital and popular feature: on this occasion, hosted by Ron Sheldrake, inviting responses to the theme of value for money – or not ! – in respect of expenditure by the local authority.

By popular vote, the most entertaining response was from Trevor Kenning, presented with the Topics Trophy in recognition of his two minute speech, composed without prior knowledge of the subject.

Education Director, Frances Pointer, gave an enthusiastic appraisal of the session, with due praise for both Chairmanship and responses by members. The meeting as a whole was, in the evaluative opinion of Doug Weale, a great success, maintaining the high standards of the Club.

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