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Report of the Meeting Held on 27 February 2014, By Doug Weale

Chairmanship is just one of the many aspects of speaking in public: at our Club under the guidance of the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we belong, Education Director, Frances Pointer, demonstrated this skill at the meeting on February 27th.

A vacancy having occurred on the agenda, valuable extra time was expertly used. Members in turn were given assignments to demonstrate use of vocabulary, humour, rapport, composition and gestures; some of the aspects learned and practised in pursuit of the art of speaking-the objective of Club membership.

Our President, Bernie Morgan, then fulfilled an assignment from the Advanced Manual; an impromptu speech; having been allowed just ten minutes-in seclusion from the meeting-room, having a specific subject on which to deliver a “Masterpiece”; so named for its content of all the predominant qualities of a good speech.

Trevor Kenning, a speaker of immense capability and experience, skilled in the vital aspect of our learning curve-evaluation-whereby appraisal by fellow members offers approval where deserved and drawing attention to aspects for improvement;  in Bernie`s case awarding a well-deserved “Pass ” having given a most entertaining speech, exemplifying  the qualities needed.

The customary “Topics ” session, followed; Ben Harris conducting a most capable conclusion to the meeting. The opportunity is taken here to draw attention to the meeting on March 13th: a cordial invitation is extended to attend this annual event, to which visitors will be made especially welcome; to listen, observe and enjoy a typical meeting.

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Report of the Meeting Held on 13 February 2014, By Doug Weale

The Poetry & Prose night on 13th February was chaired by Ron Sheldrake who on opening the meeting gave a summary of impressive accomplishments by our Club members attending the recent Kent Area A.G.M. The most prestigious of awards-the President`s Cup-was presented to Trevor Kenning, in recognition of having made the most outstanding personal contribution to the Kent Area membership, in exemplifying the objectives of the Association of Speakers Clubs; who then, in the competitions which followed added to this accomplishment by winning the Evaluation Competition, and the award of second place in the Speech Competition. He will represent Thanet S.C.  at S.E. District level.

Our Club President, Bernie Morgan, then added  further lustre to the status of our club, being elected as Kent Area President Elect: furthermore, Ron Sheldrake gave a distinguished performance in the Impromptu Speaking competition. The applause, in recognition of these accomplishments, then gave way to the essence of the club meeting: reading aloud poetry and extracts of prose by chosen authors;  an important exercise in the art of speaking, practised by clubs affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs, offering an opportunity to improve speaking in public.

The chosen readings reflected a variety of personal interests in authors and their works. Our Education Director began with a vivid understanding of Laurence Binyon, John Beale, then with his national hero Cowper Powys, and then in contrast- a firm favourite for vocal expression-John Betjeman. Garry Costain introduced the appropriate subject on the eve of Valentine`s day, with apt feeling. Deborah Percy, most recently joined, showed how readily she has adapted to the principles which are encouraged among us, gave, with obvious enjoyment, an extract from the entertaining author, Douglas Adams.

Trevor Kenning, in his skilful evaluation, drew attention to the vital aspects of reading aloud to an audience; breathing, pausing, keeping eye-contact with the listener, sincerity and emotive interpretation.

Impromptu speaking, which occupies the second half of all meetings was chaired by John Beale, earning due acclaim for his very first attempt, choosing a most topical theme, allowing an interpretation by each member in turn of some view of the weather !  Deborah Percy in response to a “sunny breezy day ” was awarded by popular acclaim to have deserved the Topics Trophy for best of all speeches on her given topic.

A most perceptive evaluation, by Garry Costain, drew attention to the criteria displayed, all learned and in constant practise at club meetings by members. A general evaluation by Ben Harris concluded the agenda, drawing attention to the educational value and overall enjoyment afforded by the aims and principles pursued at our meetings. Visitors are always welcome to attend. For details please contact Doug Weale 01843  592221 or or visit