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Report of the Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 23 May 2013. By Doug Weale

The Annual General Meeting, chaired by the club President Bernie Morgan, was held at The Royal Temple Yacht Club on Thursday 23rd May. Recalling an enjoyable term of office, Bernie thanked members for their support and especially for her election for a further term, together with the entire committee.

With visitors present, it was appropriate that the publicity report extolled the determination to continue with recruitment of new members. The AGM successfully concluded, we enjoyed the customary impromptu speaking session. Having received apologies from Kathleen Smith, Bernie rose to the challenge to improvise in her place as  Chair choosing as her theme, George Orwell`s Room 101,inviting members to offer in their opinion those deserving of banishment.

As expected there was a wide variety of responses. The Trophy for best response, by popular vote, was a tie between Ben Harris and Garry Costain. The evaluation by Ron Sheldrake drew attention to the skills of speaking, as an art, which we practise and gradually improve, within the programme set by the Association of Speakers Clubs.

We resume a routine agenda on Thursday June 13th; visitors are always welcome; please contact Doug Weale on 01843 592221 or or visit


Report of the meeting on Thursday May 9 2013. By Doug Weale

Chaired by Doug Weale, on Thursday May 9th, the club hosted the annual Kent Area Debate; the motion, “This house believes equality for women has gone too far “, proved, as expected, a source of earnest, heated, passionate and entertaining rhetoric.

Two teams of four, speaking alternately in individual turn, promoted powerful and sincere opinion, captivating the audience, as indeed the subject does universally. At the conclusion of the team speeches, the motion was put to the Floor, prompting equally converse views, expressed in what became, at times, heated, but always honestly asserted, and in the true style of intelligent debate.

Interestingly, each team, and the audience, was equally divided in gender- and opinion! The final vote registered a marginal but decisive win against the motion. William Warren, Kent Area President Elect, as chief judge, gave a most pertinent summary, in  which he drew attention to the qualities of the art of speaking, promoted by the Association of Speakers Clubs, and vital to debating, making the event an important annual feature of the club`s programme. He awarded the team prize to Kathleen Smith, lead speaker in opposition: the most coveted prize went to Garry Costain, who had, in his summation of opposition, proved a major persuasive factor, by intelligent riposte to the overall proposition team led by Kathleen Smith.

Visitors are always most welcome to our meetings; for details please contact Doug Weale  01843  592221 or or visit