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Report of The Meeting on Thursday 25 April 2013

Club President, Bernie Morgan, chaired the meeting on Thursday 25th April; opening with a speech by Paul Hogwood, assigned to exemplify purposeful speaking, together with  confidence; the qualities designated by the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we belong: a thorough knowledge of his subject, together with a fine presentation earned a pass mark, by his evaluator Garry Costain. Evaluation by fellow members who offer considered opinion, on both  the qualities achieved together with suggestions for improvement, is our source of progress as we practise.

The speech which followed, by Kathleen Smith, required an equally challenging factor in public speaking; audience rapport: a profound moral subject -found so often in her speeches- engaged and entertained the audience; earning the pass, thereby proceeding to the final of the basic ten assignments, which will lead on to the Advanced Manual. The evaluation by Margaret Jones drew attention to vital essentials displayed, together with congratulations.

The impromptu speaking session -a regular and vital feature- chaired on this occasion by Doug Weale, invited responses to “topics”; a two minute speech, without preparation by all present in turn: resulting in a varied and interesting insight into a chosen theme. Bernie Morgan, by popular vote was awarded the “Topics Trophy” for best response. Following Andrew Thomson`s evaluation of the “Topics”, Education Director, Frances Pointer, gave a general evaluation of the evening, outlining the progress of members in pursuit of our aim to “practise and improve”.

Visitors are made welcome to our meetings, in an effort to enrol new members, who we are sure will recognise the value of becoming proficient in the art of speaking in public. For details please contact Doug Weale 01843   592221 or or  go to our website:

Report of the meeting on Thursday 11 April 2013

Chaired by Ron Sheldrake, the meeting on Thursday 11th April offered an agenda which provided two speeches of superb quality.  First, the opportunity of delivering a ‘B1’ maiden speech (given to each new member in an-introduction-to-the-art-of-public speaking programme) was embraced by Dr. John Beale.  D.J.B. gave us an account of absorbing interest, recalling a progression from his childhood in the Welsh village of Cefn Cribwr (at 500 feet above sea level and overlooking the Bristol Channel), to schoolboy rugby at Bridgend and scholarship to medical school in London.  The speech sparkled with the notorious humour of his profession, together with an in depth philosophy of his life.  In her evaluation, Education Director Frances Pointer voiced the appreciation of all present of a truly captivating introduction.  A pass mark was awarded in recognition of true potential as a speaker.

None present could have imagined that a second speech would follow of equal merit, namely a ‘B2’ (second-in-order in our Manual after the introductory “ice-breaker”).  This was delivered by Garry Costain.  G.C. effortlessly met the A.S.C. (Association of Speakers Clubs) requirement of “speaking with purpose and authority” and did so with conviction and an in-depth knowledge of his subject, entitled “Logic of The Law”.  Profound acuity of a matter of on-going concern to society at large was demonstrated in a totally absorbing way to his audience of fellow members.   Evaluating (this being the source of our learning), Doug Weale duly appraised, drawing attention to the many approved aspects of the speech, together with recommendations for improvement and a well-deserved pass mark.

Andrew Thomson chaired the following impromptu speaking session, this being a regular fixture on our agenda.  Winning by popular vote, Garry Costain earned best response trophy.  Finally, a general evaluation of the meeting as a whole by Ben Harris noted the two exceptionally fine speeches of our new members.  They are already an asset to the club through sharing their skill with those less accomplished yet eager to learn.

It is the ideal of the A.S.C. to practise and improve the art of public speaking.  This can be achieved through attendance at regular meetings.  For full details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or see


Club Report – 28 March by Doug Weale

Chaired by Andrew Thomson, our meeting on Thursday 28th March heralded particular success for two new members.  Paul Hogwood was awarded a laudable evaluation and “pass mark ” by Ben Harris for his Maiden Speech to the club.  This was followed by presentation of the coveted Trophy for Impromptu Speaking to Dr. John Beale.  The club has tremendous satisfaction in such early successes by newcomers joining us in pursuit of the practice and improvement of the art of speaking in public.

The thoroughly enjoyable agenda also included a fine speech by Margaret Jones, which recalled a moving childhood experience with a profound moral message.  Evaluation [a process of learning established by the Association of Speakers Clubs] was then given by Trevor Kenning.  This drew attention to the many qualities  demonstrated in the speech and offered a point which might have added even more strength to its force.

Education Director Frances Pointer earned well-deserved praise for her chairmanship of the impromptu speaking Topics Session, besides capability in Office.  Lastly, Kathleen Smith gave a an overall appraisal of the meeting in her General Evaluation.  Attention was drawn to the successful educational value and enjoyment shared by all present.

For details of visiting and membership, please contact Doug Weale  01843 592221 or see