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Breathing Exercises for Presenters

MeerkatThere are some people who get really nervous before making a presentation. Don’t worry, this is quite common. To help get over those nerves you could try some breathing exercise, which should relax you and put yourself in a better frame of mind. Here is one that I have tried.

Place your hands on your ribs and take a deep breath and count aloud on that one breath. Repeat several times, trying to increase the number you are able to count without straining and extend your voice to the far corners of the room

Thanet Speakers Club Meeting 14th February, 2013

Ben Harris chaired the meeting on February 14th, inviting members to read their choice of poetry and prose.  A departure from the customary speeches, composed and delivered by each member in turn.  This annual variation in the agenda is an object lesson in the use of voice to interpret an author’s purpose of meaning.  A wide variety of works, ranging from Ian Flemming to Cardinal Corderio, and from Fleur Adcock to a poem written by the speaker, proved educational, instructive and entertaining.

The impromptu speaking session, a regular feature, followed.  This was chaired by club President, Bernie Morgan with a  Valentine Day theme, drew some surprising responses,as it usually does.  Kathleen Smith was awarded the trophy by popular vote, declared to have given  the best response.  Margaret Jones gave a most discerning evaluation of the session: drawing attention to the attributes of each participant, together with points for improvement.  Evaluation, the appraisal by fellow members is the essence of our learning.

Business matters, given by the President, drew attention to the commendable contribution of the club to the Area competitions; modestly omitting mention of her own success; in particular receiving the award of The President’s Cup, on behalf of Thanet S.C. from the Area President.  Following his general evaluation of the meeting, Doug Weale drew attention to the drive to attract visitors to our meetings, who might be converted to membership.  An Open Evening is planned for March 14th; a typical agenda is to be arranged; visitors will be welcome to listen and observe, without obligation.

For further details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit website http//


Thanet Speakers Club Report: After Dinner Speaking Evening

Our After-Dinner Speech evening, in which we practise that most enjoyable aspect of public speaking , coincided with the eve of Burns Night and our Education Director, Frances Pointer organised a theme of Toasts based on the work of the Scottish genius; setting a fine example, following The Selkirk Grace, by Garry Costain, she proposed a”Toast To The Haggis ” with  a vivacious realism,  aided by her home- made Haggis and accompanying beverage.  Andrew Thomson, of Scottish lineage, followed with a humorous salutation to The Mouse, in commendable native dialect.

Further Toasts were delivered; notably to the traditional “Immortal Memory” at the conclusion of the Supper.  Most entertaining and exemplifying the essence of after-dinner speaking, practiced throughout the evening,were Toasts to “Ae Fond Kiss” by Kathleen Smith. “To The Lassies”by Trevor Kenning , responded to by Club President Bernie Morgan:  these members exemplifying the qualities of the art of  after-dinner speaking which, are among all other vital attributes of speech, which we practise to improve,as the Association to which we belong promotes.

In his Vote of Thanks, Garry Costain complimented Frances Pointer on her enthusiastic performance,which.set the successful and enjoyable tone for the evening. The club is at present earnestly seeking to enrol new members;  to this end, visitors are welcome,without any obligation, to sit and listen to what we have to offer: for details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221 or or visit http//

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 10th January 2013

The annual speech contest on Thursday January 10th, chaired by Andrew Thomson, offered to  the audience of fellow members and visitors the customary mix of entertaining entries; delivered with the skill of public speaking learned under the guidance of the manual of the Association of Speakers Clubs to which we are affiliated.  Bernie Morgan and Margaret Jones earning the accolade of first and second place, they will represent the club in the next round of the competition, at the Kent Area meeting in February.

Education Director, Frances Pointer together with Kathleen Smith drew attention to the challenge to their judgement skills of the overall high standard of contestants,with praise for runners-up, Ben Harris and Garry Costain, each delivering a speech of technical merit. Competitive speaking is a challenging and popular aspect of club membership,and culminates in a National Finals in April.

The customary impromptu speaking session, which is a vital item on the agenda followed; chaired by Ron Sheldrake.  We were delighted that visitors, always welcome to our meetings, agreed to take part,each giving an impromptu response to a topic of local interest.  By popular vote, it was decreed that the best of all responses was that by Trevor Kenning, who received the club trophy for the event, which he will return at the next meeting.  He then gave his evaluation of the session, offering an appraisal, with advice for improvement where needed, and complimenting the chairman on his successful role. The club will host an Open Evening on March 14th to which visitors will be made espescially welcome:For full details of visiting any of our meetings,  please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221or   d.weale2012@btinternet .com  or visit