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Thanet Speakers Club Report – 11th October 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Margaret Jones chaired the meeting on Thursday Oct 11th; a familiar agenda; speeches composed and delivered by members; Kathleen Smith on the intriguing qualities of a lemon, followed by John Poole evoking rapport from the audience on his subject of teaching children.

Each speech typical of the variety which we hear at every meeting. Evaluation by fellow members, draws attention to recognised aspects of the art of speaking, encouraged by the Association of Speakers Clubs, to which we belong, and, in the absence of professional teachers, offering points for improvement; our learning process.

Impromptu speaking is a vital quality of the speaker`s armoury and merits a place on every agenda.  Ben Harris, on this occasion invited responses from all present, to speak on topical matters without prior knowledge or opportunity to prepare thoughts on the subject matter. The session proved to be challenging, as it is meant to be, and enjoyable, as it always is.

Club President, Bernie Morgan offered an evaluation with her remarkable ability, to highlight both commendable and weaker aspects for improvement, which were displayed. As at every meeting, by popular vote, a trophy is awarded for the best response; a delighted Kathleen Smith, this week`s winner. A general appraisal of the meeting given by Doug Weale drew attention to the skilful chairmanship by Margaret Jones, and the valuable evaluation give throughout to members.

The club has launched a campaign to attract new members; the first step being an invitation  to pay us a visit; a welcome is extended to everyone; for details contact Doug Weale  01843  592221 or or website; http//

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 27th September 2012 (by Doug Weale)

Ron Sheldrake presided over the meeting on Thursday 27th September.  After the customary introduction and warm-up, he  drew attention to the importance of the imminent publicity campaign to attract visitors who might be converted to join our membership.  The club is affiliated to the Association of Speakers Clubs which exists to improve the art of speaking in public and to promote, encourage and develop proficiency in the spoken word.

This week an assignment from the Advanced Manual was delivered by Margaret Jones, demonstrating the use of visual aids in accompaniment to her entertaining speech in which she expressed the need to dress for protection from the extreme cold in Antarctica, on a recent trip to see the Aurora Borealis.  A comprehensive visual performance aided by snug-fitting woolen garments gave the audience a realistic demonstration of the absolute necessity of protection against sub-zero temperatures.  In keeping with the subject of warmth, Andrew Thomson gave a speech outlining his argument, both for and against, the threat of global-warming.  Each speech received an evaluation by Doug Weale and Ben Harris, respectively drawing attention to the vital factors which are outlined in the ASC Manual and offering what in their opinion points which might have improved the delivery.  Such evaluation is the essence of our learning.

Impromptu speaking followed, chaired by John Poole.  All present were invited to respond to topics; speaking without  preparation; a challenging, enjoyable  and vital quality of speaking.  The topics session, having been  evaluated by Frances Pointer concluded with a presentation to Trevor Kenning, who, by popular vote was awarded the trophy for best response.  Trevor then proceeded with his assignment to  give his appraisal of the evening as a whole, a successful meeting in keeping with the aims and ideals of the Association.

For details of visiting and membership, please contact Doug Weale   01843  592221: or website