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Thanet Speakers Club – First Meeting of the Year Kicks Off On Thursday 13th September 2012

The Club will begin a new season on Thursday September  13th at The Royal Temple Yacht Club, 7.45 for 8pm.  The Association of Speakers Clubs,to which we belong exists to improve the art of speaking in public,and to promote,encourage and develop proficiency in the spoken word.  Under the direction of our Education Director, club members follow a course in which speeches, designed to demonstrate features which are considered vital, are delivered to an audience of fellow members.

Evaluation, the distinguishing attribute of the Association-effective and positive appraisal, which includes advice and suggestions for improvement, by fellow members, who have themselves gained proficiency by the same process, enables and encourages the progress outlined in our guidebook. The agendas are designed so that we each in turn write and deliver a series of speeches, gradually attaining the proficiency recognised in good speaking.

A feature of our meetings,held on the second and fourth Thursday each month, is the welcome afforded to visitors;there is no obligation to join in, simply to listen and observe; giving an opportunity to make a decision whether to join.  Without exception,all existing members,recent or long term, acknowledge the tremendous benefits acquired, and enormous pleasure experienced, by their participation in the club`s programme.

For further details please contact Doug Weale 01843 592221or or visit our website

PEER 1 Hosting UK Business Speaker of the Year 2012

At a moment when the economy is contracting, and politicians are failing to offer any inspiration, the UK Speechwriters’ Guild has teamed up with Business Solent and Southampton-based PEER 1 Hosting ( to create a new competition for public speakers. It’s a rare opportunity for business gurus to show how they can inspire an audience to do great things.

Aspiring speakers are invited to compete for the prestigious title of UK Business Speaker of the Year. The top three competitors will share £5,000 in prizes, with career-enhancing PR for the winner.

Bursting with an inspirational message for these troubled times? Whether you are a business leader, politician, author, life coach, academic, Toastmaster or entrepreneur, if you have a gift for public speaking, this is your chance to make your mark.

Up to 24 finalists will be invited to Southampton on Thursday 27 September for auditions. The day will end with a ‘Grand Final’ in The Hub Theatre in Southampton, hosted by Geoff Burch, star of the BBC’s All Over the Shop.

The winner will receive £2,000 and get £1,500 of PR support from a top London agency to boost their career as a professional speaker. Second prize will be £1,000 cash and the third prize £500 cash.

If you fancy you can present as well as Steve Jobs, you need to send in a 60 second video audition together with a written pitch and a short profile by 27 August 2012.

To find out more, and to enter, go to: