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Seminars at ASC Conference 2012

Gwyneth Millard, our ASC National Education Director writes…

For some years, people have been asking for a return to holding seminars and workshops at Conference. In April 2012 it is intended to do so, but we need to know what people want.

There will be one Development and one Education Seminar. For the Education one, there are two suggestions so far – The Use of Powerpoint or Speaking with Humour. Which would you prefer?

Would you like these to be on Friday afternoon from 4 pm till 5.30 pm or on Saturday afternoon between 1.30 pm and 2.30 pm. Have you any other suggestions? Please let us have your ideas.

More information will be in the August mailing.

Thanet Speakers Club Report – 28th July 2011 (by Doug Weale)

The last meeting of the current season ,prior to an August break, was chaired by Doug Weale.  Two relatively new members delivered speeches of their own composition and were afforded constructive appraisal of their good points and recommendations for improvement.  The speeches by John Poole and Frances Pointer were each afforded the pass mark.

The second half of the meeting was devoted to impromptu speaking,  Lisa Emms conducted this challenging and entertaining aspect of speaking. This session provided an excellent opportunity for everyone to have a personal evaluation of their response: this assignment undertaken by Trevor Kenning, whose expertise in this vital contribution to the club`s education programme, comes from his many years` experience, and which had, by virtue of his own exemplary response during the session,earned him the Topics Trophy awarded at each meeting.

Finally in the absence of the designated general evaluator a personal view of the meeting was offerred by individual members,drawing a very favourable concensus of opinion, espescially by two visitors, whose opinion was of particular interest.

Visitors are welcome to all our meetings at the Royal Temple Yacht Club on the second and fourth Thursdays monthly.

For further details contact Doug Weale 01843 592221;  or the website